Course Outline

Class 101- Getting Started

Class 201- Onward With Crypto

This module introduces the concept of Blockchain technology ,Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ,Etherum etc . You would learn about how to set up a Crypto Currency wallet on platforms such as coinbase, Binance,MEW and Exodus. We would also walk you through trading in Cryptocurrencies

  • Setting Up Dollar Cost Averaging and creating a diversified Portfolio
  • Market tracking tools-
  • Coingecko and Coin Market Cap
  • Scams-
  • Learning Basic Crypto Vocabulary  Basic Crypto Vocabularies

Coin Gecko Glossary 

  • Order Book, Market Supply, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Stock to Flow
  • Alpha vs Beta, Limit vs Market orders, Marker vs. taker fees, store of value
  • Order book depth, steps vs cell walls, depth tab depth chart, buy walls, vesting schedules
  • Smart contracts, coders, miners, skating, white paper, EFT, spot trading, active trading, VPN,
  • KYC-know your customer, AML anti-money laundering, P/E, BTC.D
  • ICO’s, Defi-offering, IEO’s, bull vs bear market

Class 301- Alt Coins

The BlockChain has its own  lexicons that is used to communicate among the users of the technology. This module throws light on key blockchain terminologies as well as trading and investment Strategies and Bitcoin and Blockchain ETFs.

Class 401- Intro to Storage Options

The Content of this module continues with the major Blockchain exchanges in the world , Exchange traded funds and some regulations around the world.

Class 501- Intro to Passive Income

In this module of the course , you would learn about tokenization ,Stable Coins , Security tokens and Non Fungible Token (NFTs) around the world

  • Proof of stake vs. proof of work
  • Making income by learning about different crypto’s (Coinbase)
  • NFT’s

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