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African / Diaspora Project Funding

The focus of our parent company “Auspicious Agile & Blockchain Pte Ltd” (a Singapore based FinTech Company) is Digital transformation and financial inclusion for Africa, African Diaspora and developing markets.  Our Auspicious Blockchain ScanPay platform uses blockchain, smart contracts and Bitcoin / cryptocurrency technologies to allow crowd funding of African projects by Diaspora and Friends of Africa

Blockchain / Bitcion Training

We also provide blockchain & cryptocurrency training, and coaching focused on African Diaspora and Friends of Africa to enable our community to take full advantage of the wealth building and financial inclusion opportunities presented by blockchain, DeFi, and the rapidly evolving FinTech space. We look forward to the opportunity to support your African investment, financial inclusion, learning and community interests. 

Our Upcoming Events

Auspicious Blockchain numerous upcoming projects. Visit Us Regularly to know More about our upcoming projects.  Also, check out some of the MeetUps that we participate in and support to build community and engage with like minded members of African Diaspora, Africa, and Friends of Africa.

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